About Us

We are a nutrient company that uses Nanosized technology. We have customized nutrient blends specific to industry demands. For more details on industry demands, please review our industry link.


Our customized formulas present an opportunity to help one’s patient or client express health. We bridge the gap between supplements and clients. The provider or trainer knows their client’s body, and now they can help formulate what is best for their nutrient requirements. We feel no business is too big or small for us to provide excellent service and innovative, superior products.  


We offer private labeling as an option for quantities of 5000+. For those with small orders, no worries! We have custom labeling with whom product/s were manufactured for on the label with their contact information.


Nanosized is just far superior. Superior delivery and absorption using Nano technology. 


Quick Delivery

Under the Tongue for 20 seconds and swallow to deliver the ingredients directly into our bloodstream quickly.  We have bypassed the harsh environment of the stomach acid that breaks down the parts, significantly increasing bioavailability and potency of ingredients. 


Great For Workouts

Take before a workout for energy or after a workout for recovery assistance. Give your body a BOOST without the jitters or the crash of stimulants.



Vegan and vegetarian-friendly with serving size perfect for keeping absorption throughout the day. 


Superior Formulation

Non-GMO, No caffeine, synthetic preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy, added sugars, filler, binders, flavoring or dyes.